Photo Poetry: Aurora Borealis

My first Northern Lights were magically inspiring.

The Aurora Borealis danced over Edmonton on Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, and I was lucky to finally see them. It had been a dream of mine to watch them dance and they did not disappoint. Despite the city’s light pollution, I got to experience this wonder.

It led to my first shot at photographing the aurora followed by lots of aurora-inspired scribbles the day after. At the height of my creative mood, I interwove the two into five photo poems. Check them out in the gallery below.


  • In “Aurora Borealis III”, the line “The Most Magical Place on Earth” was the slogan for Disney World. The second stanza is a reference to Disney’s Brother Bear, one of my favorite Disney movies.
  • “Aurora Borealis I” is inspired on a poem by Ojibwe poet and artist Heid Erdrich. The line “she who makes a shawl of her own arms” in “Aurora Borealis IV” is a direct quote from her collection Curator of Ephemera at the New Museum for Archaic Media.
  • The original image quality got a bit lost during the format conversion. (I’m learning!)

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