Adrenaline and survival

Where do I start with telling about 12 days in Iceland?! It was so awesome to see all my old friends again, meet a lot of new cool people and to travel a part of the country with the Dutchies. A lot of things happened and it’s very hard to get some logic in the events while thinking about it. I would love to do a diary-blog on the Internation Summercamp but there is one thing that really needs to be told right away. There is one thing that left me with a lot of impressions. In a positive way, cause it broadened my borders. And in another way (not necessarily negative) cause it showed me a very different side of life and because it learned me discover myself more. I wouldn’t call it an almost-dead-experience and my life didn’t pass by in my head, but -believe me- when you’re are trying not to drown, death does cross your mind.  Continue reading