Recap Reading Challenge 2016

Reading 40 books for the challenge in combination with the amount of books that I read for my Masters degree turned out to be somewhat optimistic. So I did not read all the books I wanted to read for the reading challenge, about which I am slightly disappointed. However, I did manage to read 29 out of 40 books and there were some very good ones! I graded the books on a scale of 1 tot 10: 1 being a complete disaster and 10 being the best book ever written. So here is the result of my Reading Challenge 2016!  Continue reading

An amazing day out and upcoming travel plans

Yesterday, while skyping with my parents, they made me realize it has been a month since I took off to Canada. “Times flies when you’re studying”. Now, I know that might sound a bit boring, which it, I have to admit, sometimes is. There is so many places I would like to visit and things I would like to do here, that, from time to time, it feels like a waste of time to be studying ‘all the time’. So, I take my days off to discover Canada.   Continue reading

Life gets better together and more

Most people seem to use the word ‘gay community’ or ‘LGBT’ when they talk about people that don’t fit in the heteronormative standards of society. Personally, I prefer the use of the (English) term LGBTQI++, because this one shows the various possible identities better. When I use this term I often get questions like “What does it stand for?”, “What does it mean?” and “Why do you use it?” I’ll do my best to explain all this, but please keep in mind that definitions don’t always include everything and that you can discuss about what to include and what not to include within this definition. So please think about this after this informative column! Continue reading