Recap Reading Challenge 2016

Reading 40 books for the challenge in combination with the amount of books that I read for my Masters degree turned out to be somewhat optimistic. So I did not read all the books I wanted to read for the reading challenge, about which I am slightly disappointed. However, I did manage to read 29 out of 40 books and there were some very good ones! I graded the books on a scale of 1 tot 10: 1 being a complete disaster and 10 being the best book ever written. So here is the result of my Reading Challenge 2016! 

A book based on a fairytale

A National Book Award winner

A Young Adult bestseller
Schijnbewegingen, Floortje Zwigtman

A book you haven’t read since high school
Notes on a scandal, Zoë Heller

A book set in your home state
Kuei, je te salue, Natasha Kanapé Fontaine en Dénis Ellis Béchard

A book translated into English
Do not enter my soul in your shoes, Natasha Kanapé Fontaine
8 (I prefer the French original, but the translation is really not bad)

A romance set in the future

A book set in Europe
Tegenspel, Floortje Zwigtman

A book that’s under 150 pages
One good story, that one, Thomas King

A New York Times bestseller
Het geheim van mijn man, Liane Moriarty
6,5 (did not finish this one though)

A book that’s becoming a movie this year
Les animaux fantastiques (vie et habitat des animaux fantastiques), J.K. Rowling

A book recommended by someone you just met
Les quatre accords toltèques, Don Miguel Ruiz
8 (recommended by Guillaume the second time we met)

A self-improvement book

A book you can finish in a day
La double vie d’Anna Song, Minh Tran Huy

A book written by a celebrity
Confessions d’un jeune romancier, Umberto Eco
6 (some good ideas, but a little longwinded)

A political memoir
Pluche, Femke Halsema

A book at least a 100 years older than you

A book that’s more than 600 pages
Spiegeljongen, Floortje Zwigtman

A book from Oprah’s Book Club

A science-fiction novel

A book recommended by a family member

A graphic novel
Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi

A book that is published in 2016

A book with a protagonist that has your occupation
Uashat, Gérard Bouchard
4 (subject was very promising, but I just couldn’t finish it)

A book that takes places during summer
Indian Tango, Ananda Devi

A book and its prequel
Kersenbloed, Floortje Zwigtman

A murder mystery
Devil Bones, Katy Reichs

A book written by a comedian
Seinlanguage, Seinfeld

A dystopian novel

A book with a blue cover
Murambi, le livre des ossements, Boubacar Boris Diop

A book of poetry
Bleuets et abricots, Natasha Kanapé Fontaine

The first book you see in a bookstore
Journal d’un écrivain en pyjama, Dany Laferrière
7 (starts very good, but gets annoying towards the end)

A classic from the 20th century
Mijn tante is een grindewal, Anne Provoost
7 (classic children’s book)

A book from the library
Vijftig tinten donkerder, E.L. James

An autobiography
Ik weet waarom gekooide vogels zingen, Maya Angelou

A book about a roadtrip

A book about a culture you’re unfamiliar with
Talking Sky: Ojibwe Constellations as a Reflection of Life on the Land – Garl Gawboy en Ron Morton

A satirical book
Gemma Bovery, Posy Simmonds

A book that takes place on an island
L’odeur du café, Dany Laferrière

A book that’s guaranteed to bring you joy
The story of my teeth, Valeria Luiselli

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